Data Loggers

Temperature/Humidity dataloggers
USB interface
iOS® and Android™ Smart Devices
Records up to 32,000 readings
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Air Quality Meters

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Meters
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meters
Formaldehyde Meters
Particle Counters
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Thermometers &

Laser pointer
Backlit dual LCD display
Visual and Audible High/Low Alarm
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Water Quality Meters

Chlorine - Turbidity - Fluoride
Conductivity - TDS - Salinity
Dissolved Oxygen
pH - ORP
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Wireless Monitoring

Real-time monitoring
SMS or e-mail over treshold alerts
Display on PC, smartphone, touchpad…
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Weather Instruments

Local or Remote
Your weather in real time
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Maintenance & Safety Tools

Troubleshoot HVAC/R
Whether it's an air leak, water leak, or electrical short, these thermal cameras will show you where to begin repairs.
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Building Automation Services

Access Control Devices
Building Management Devices
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Monitoring During Transport

Temperature and humidity monitoring during transportation of goods especially perishables like flowers, pharmaceuticals

Server Rooms and Data Centers

Online monitoring of temperature and humidity in data centers and server rooms with data loggers and sensors

Health care and Laboratory

Recording and monitoring temperature, humidity for pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks & areas requiring constant monitoring

Industry Management

Online measurement, recording and monitoring for industrial centers

Building Management

Recording and monitoring temperature, humidity and pressure for buildings, historical sites and industrial centers

Green House Management

Online measurement, recording and monitoring for green houses

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