About Us

Nanosoft Technologies Limited (Uganda) is a process instrumentation firm created to provide telemetry services in all areas that require constant monitoring. With our diverse experience in IT, Electrical and Electronics engineering we can help your firm maximize returns in investment by providing real-time status of your monitored environment.

Our Vision
To become the regional leaders in remote data acquisition, management and industrial automation.

Our Mission
To provide quality and cost effective monitoring solutions that have substantive value addition to areas of health care, commercial transport, manufacturing industry, and educational research and logistics companies.

Our Values

  • Innovation
    Encouraging risk-taking and creating partnerships to achieve the most user-friendly and technologically advanced solutions possible.
  • Quality
    Providing superior quality services and products to our clients.
  • Meeting standards requirements
    Ensuring that we adhere to fulfilling the requirements of good quality practice in our products and services line.
  • Cost Effectiveness, Accountability and Transparency
    All our processes are undertaken on the principles of fair justice, equity with Zero tolerance to any form of Corruption.
  • Value our Customers
    We cherish the relationship we build with our customers making sure we understand their needs and provide solutions.
  • Professionalism
    We are passionate about delivering results and we apply skills, care and diligence, competency and objectivity in all our dealings with our clients.
  • Integrity
    We apply the highest ethical and moral standards in the way we do business demonstrated by our transparency and accountability.

Our Expertise
Process Instrumentation & Control:
We supply, install, maintain and train users on hardware and software that enables data acquisition, logging and analysis of parameters very useful in the research, production and storage of environmental sensitive products; these parameters include temperature, humidity, Co2 levels, pressure, volume and PH. Our web server enabled sensors can log and process information into a reportable format such as excel reports, crystal reports, emails and SMS for almost all physical quantities.

Temperature & Humidity Mapping Services:

  • We provide temperature & humidity mapping services for cold chain equipment like cascaded Ultra low temperature freezers, cold rooms, ice plants, delivery vans, cool boxes and fridges.
  • We also temperature & humidity map warehouse.

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