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Access Control & Time and Attendance Systems

We sell a wide range of access control solutions and that offer security at the forefront, and include devices such as standalone units, which do not require any software and extra modules to function.
The controllers are IP Based and can be used with the standard RFID and fingerprint readers we have to offer.
The UHF is a long-distance reader typically used for residential Estates or office parks, but not limited to such. It can be used for various security solutions.

Nanosoft Technologies ltd is the authorized systems integrator of REGAL Distributors SA (PTY) LTD brands in Uganda.

ZKTeco F18

ZKTeco  F18Standalone Access Control Terminal.
New Firmware
Fingerprint Verification
TFT Color Screen
Full Access Control Features
RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB Host

ZKTeco F12

Zkteco F12Fingerprint Reader for Access Controllers.
ZK Small Sized Sensor
ID Card Module
IP65 Rated
Single Gang Junction Box Installation
RS485 Communication Interface

ZKTeco SF300

Zkteco SF300IP Based Fingerprint Access Control & Time Attendance Terminal.
2.4" Color Display
Tamper Proof Switch
Standard Access Control Features
TCP/IP, RS485 & USB Host

ZKTeco IN01

ZKTeco IN01Time & Attendance Terminal.
Data Backups
Fingerprint Verification
RFID Verification
Advanced User ID
TCP/IP, USB ( Host & Client)


Zkteco MULTIBIO 600Access Control & Time and Attendance Terminal.
2.8 Inch TFT Color Screen
BioID Fingerprint Sensor
Fast Verification Speed

ZKTeco S922

Zkteco S922Rugged Portable Time & Attendance Terminal
Backup Battery
Fingerprint Verification
RFID Verification
TCP/IP, USB HOST - Optional WIFI & 3G

Building Management

For all you building management needs

Camptemp NIDUS IT

Camptemp NIDUS ITMonitor and Control
Temperature and humidity
Water leaks
Fire and HVAC System
Power consumption and UPS power failure
Surveillance camera reaction

Camptemp NIDUS GAS

Camptemp NIDUS GASDifferential pressure
Ammonia detection
Carbon monoxide detector
Carbon dioxide detector
Refrigerant detector

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