Sound & Vibration Meters

Flir SV87-KIT

This is a wireless connected sensing-solution designed for continuous vibration and temperature monitoring. They include remote monitoring gateway stores sensor data and wirelessly transmits readings in real time to a mobile device or PC.

Nesteo LGS31 & LGP33

The Newsteo Logger LGS31 and LGP33 allows you to connect any potentiometric sensor. It is mainly used to transmform crackmeters into wireless crackmeters.

Newsteo TRE35/TRK31

The TRK31/TRE35 provides measurement, and recording of up to 6 months of transport. The multi-sensor recorder is efficient in recording the temperature, humidity, light, free fall height, and shock.

 8922 AZ EB

8922 AZ EB
Sound Level Meter-Backlight
Meets IEC60651, type 2 class standard
Easy to calibrate by using AZ 8930 sound calibrator

Extech 407750

Extech’s 407750 sound Level Meter with PC interface Big backlit display, PC interface & background sound absorber.

8930 AZ EB

8930 AZ EB
Sound Level Calibrator
Meets IEC 60942:2018, type 2 class standard
Stay accurate even in extreme room humidity condition and high altitude places

Extech SL510

Extech’s Ultra-compact sound meter meets class 2 standards with +1dB high accuracy that allows for quick and reliable soundlevel testing.

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