Wireless Monitoring

  • Temperature data loggers with wireless monitoring transmission by Newsteo with a range of radio temperature recorders ideal for temperature measurement, with internal or external sensors.
  • Temperature recorders with internal sensor: very compact, easy to integrate. These connected temperature data loggers are very suitable for temperature monitoring of refrigerated enclosures, transportation trucks …
  • Temperature recorders with external probe: the probe can be positioned at the exact measuring point. Optimized for measurements at very low or very high temperature (temperature monitoring for the storage of liquid nitrogen, oven temperature monitoring …)
  • Temperature and humidity wireless recorder with sensor flush with the casing: very compact, easy to install. Ideal for indoor use, in laboratory, clean room, paint room …
  • Relative humidity datalogger with external probe : the sensor the sensor is placed at the end of a probe, itself connected to the casing.

online monitoringONLINE MONITORING

WebMonitor application enables any allowed user to bring up on screen measures from Newsteo loggers from any device connected on the internet.

Local monitoringLOCAL MONITORING

RF Monitor Software enables to remotely configure and monitor all Newsteo products from a local PC.

Newsteo LOG 26

Newsteo 26
Temperature data logger
Radio Technology
Long signal range
Very modular product, with good signal range. Well adapted to laboratories.

Newsteo LOG 36

newsteo LOG36
Temperature data logger
Radio Technology
Temperature, inside the casing
Very good signal range, watertight. Used in temperature storage and transport monitoring of foodstuffs.

Newsteo LOM16

Newsteo LOM16
Temperature data logger
Radio technology
EN12830 Certified Temperature, inside the casing
Compact design, watertight. Used in temperature-controlled storage monitoring of food, pharmaceuticals and health products.

Newsteo LGR 33

Newsteo LGR33
Wireless data logger for PT1000
Connect any type of PT1000 probe, covering wide temperature range from liquid nitrogen tanks to furnaces at very high temperature.
Transfer the data directly on a monitoring computer by radio frequencies or store the data in its memory.


EN12830 certified
Indoors or outdoors
Internal digital sensor

Newsteo LGR 64

Newsteo LGR 64
Temperature and Humidity Recorder
Radio Technology
Temperature & humidity, internal to the casing
Convenient in condensing atmosphere
Monitoring of humidity level in paint shed, monitoring the humidity rate in the industry

Newsteo LOG 25

Newsteo LOG 25
Temperature and Humidity Data logger
Radio technology
Temperature & humidity, internal to the casing
Excellent accuracy
Monitoring of the humidity level in the laboratory, in a clean room

Create your own sensor network

single-site installations

USING RF MONITOR PREMIUM >For single-site installations.

The loggers communicate with a PC; the measurements
are displayed only on this PC.

Sensor network multi-site

USING RF MONITOR GOLD >For multi-site installations.

Several Loggers networks are created.
Each system communicates to a PC that transmits the measurement to a central database.
From anywhere in the world, it is possible to connect to the database to check the measurements.
This consultation is possible with free software DB Monitor.

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